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Hey there. I am Sharone Halevy, and am a self-taught artist. Growing up, I always loved to sketch and had a deep love for silk screening and Andy Warhol. 

In 2015, I rediscovered visual art in a pretty accidental and whimsical way-- coming out of a very specific time in my life; painting was messy, emotional, beautiful, and mine. Something very different than anything I had ever done before and I could not stop. 

After I posted a photo on Instagram of my first abstract work, a dear friend asked me to do a commission for them, and from there, everything changed. What was a hobby became one of the largest parts of who I am. 

I transformed my bedroom into a studio space and moved my sleeping quarters into what was the office. Got rid of my day job, and started to paint every morning. 

I have always loved learning about other people; their thoughts, hopes, experiences...and being a commission based painter, I get to paint inspired by the stories, feelings, and memories a client is willing to share with me, as well as move/paint to the music they provide (for more information on how I work, please check out the commission page). 

I am now creating work for people all over the world. From New York to LA, Israel, London, Canada, South Africa, and Australia, as well as creating murals for various homes and locations like Joe’s Coffee, Brooklyn Grange, Playwrights Horizons Downtown, Hosh Yoga, and more.

I love my job, and look forward to continuing to grow as an abstract expressionist, and creating work for you and your home.  

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